Sock It Forward collects money and donated socks to distribute to homeless men and women

Raising Funds To Provide 1,500 Homeless People In AZ With New Socks

As you may or may not know, socks are the most desired item by the homeless, those living in shelters and in poorer conditions. The reason for this is not enough people think of donating socks, so when they become available at shelters, they go fast. It is our goal to provide everyone in need of socks with brand new socks. I know from experience, as a person living with a roof over my head and enough money to pay my bills, nothing is better than new socks. Now imagine if you had no roof over your head or money in your pocket. Imagine how much you would love brand new socks! New socks make you feel like a brand new person and every bit of motivation helps someone who is living on the streets!

For every dollar you give ensures that one homeless person is provided with a new pair of socks. If we reach our goal of $1,000 through this fundreaiser, that will provide roughly 1500 homeless people with brand new socks! We have numerous deals worked out with sock wholesalers, so every dollar you donate goes a long way!

We are a team of dedicated volunteers, who work out of love, helping the homeless and those less fortunate by providing them with new socks. Your donation, all 100% of it, goes directly to the homeless or those in need of new socks but cannot afford them.

Here is our fundraising page on Facebook for this:

You can also donate new, packaged, socks to:
Sock It Forward
402 North 10th Street #10
Phoenix, Arizona 85006

Info for donating socks:
The preferred sock size is men’s 6-12. Those work great for both women and men of all sizes.


Here is our tax and nonprofit 501 (c) (3) information for the charity:
Sock It Forward
Employer Identification Number: 81-2543614
DLN: 26053621006356
Public Charity Status: 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi)

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