We received almost 500 pairs of socks from CareCentrix and handed them out the other day

CareCentrix, a company located in north Phoenix that works with payers to help their members age and heal where they most want to be – at home, held a sock drive for our charity last week. It was so great of them. They didn’t even contact us first, they just did it. Then when their office sock drive was over they contacted us and we went and picked up the socks they had collected; almost 500 pairs! Then a few days later we handed them out to homeless men and women in downtown Phoenix around CASS, a local homeless shelter. The people there were so grateful! Most of them litterly took off their current pair of dirty socks and put on the new pair that we had just handed them. They told us that no one ever donates socks and they are like gold. They said the few socks that do get donated go so quickly since there are so few socks available at the shelter and other locations. Thanks again to the great employees that work at CareCentrix and their generosity! You did such a good thing! Below are pictures of the donated socks and some of our volunteers who handed out the socks. Please keep the donations coming, either by packaged socks (preferably Men’s size 6-12, because they work for men and women of all size) and monetary donations. Also, contact us if you would like to volunteer. Since we make sure to hand out one brand new pair of socks to each homeless and women, each and every sock donation or monetary donation goes so far!

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