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How Sock It Forward Began

People will see a homeless person sitting on a park bench and think, “He looks perfectly capable of getting a job, what’s his problem?!!” I used to wonder the same thing and so because of this, I started talking to them. I would ask them how their day was going. I found that most of them do have a job or some kind of hustle to make money, they’re just not doing it all day long. For example, do you work all day long? No, you have a place to go before and after work. Homeless people don’t. So a lot of the times, it’s the park or walking around or something like that. And because of that, I started thinking how it was so important that these human beings have access to new socks; with all the walking they do, because they don’t have a car or money for transportation, but they still need to go places. So one day I went to the store, bought $100 worth of socks and just started handing them out to homeless people that I would see. Then I learned online that socks were the least donated thing but most desired item at homeless shelters. People just don’t think of donating stuff like this. So as I continued to hand out socks, I quickly found out that I didn’t have the funds to hand out as many socks as I wanted to and still be able to pay the bills. So I built a website to get donations,, and registered Sock It Forward as a legitimate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Anyway, I just want to say that when you see someone homeless, just chillin’ or walking around, think about what they are up to that day and where they are going later that day, and what they’re actually up to before just thinking negative thoughts or talking shit. And especially a big “THANK YOU” to anyone that has donated to my charity or helped out and volunteered. It’s super easy to click “like”, but it’s much harder to part with your money or your time and actually go out and do something about a problem that you see.

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