The Blunt Club @The Yucca Tap Room In Tempe Is Collecting Shoes & Socks For The Homeless

The Blunt Club at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, Arizona will be collecting socks and shoes for the homeless tomorrow night! The shoes collected will be handed out by Danielle Nieto and friends and the new socks collected will be handed out by Sock It Forward. This is for a great cause, please show […]

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Our charity received 500 pairs of donated socks from a local business and handed them out to homeless people in Phoenix Arizona

CareCentrix, a company located in north Phoenix that works with sick individuals to help them heal where they want to be most – at home, held a sock drive for our charity last week. It was so great of them. They did not even contact us first, they just did it! Then when their office […]

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Raising Funds To Provide 1,500 Homeless People In AZ With New Socks

As you may or may not know, socks are the most desired item by the homeless, those living in shelters and in poorer conditions. The reason for this is not enough people think of donating socks, so when they become available at shelters, they go fast. It is our goal to provide everyone in need […]

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We Handed Out Over 500 Pairs Of Socks Today In Downtown Phoenix, Arizona Today

What an amazing day today!!! We handed out over 500 pairs of socks in downtown Phoenix today. Thank you to everyone that has either donated to our cause or helped pass out socks or both! Your support means so much! Also, it is starting to get extremely cold out there at night, especially for those […]

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Sock It Forward Now Accepts Bitcoin!

For all of those knowledgeable in sending payments and donations by Bitcoin, just know that Sock It Forward can now accept your generous donation by this amazing and secure online cryptocurrency! OUR BITCOIN ADDRESS FOR MAKING DONATIONS: 1ERvYH6AvXM6SAmPbJkUXRSUcoGx2usdxS Click here for information on how to send money by Bitcoin And of course, we will now, […]

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We Handed Out Hundreds Of Brand New Socks In Phoenix Today

We handed out over 200 pairs of brand new socks in downtown Phoenix, Arizona today! The socks were so appreciated and most of the people we gave them to put them on right away. With each person getting one pair of socks, that’s over 200 homeless people that now have brand new socks! Also, I […]

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We Gave Out Hundreds Of Pairs Of Socks To The Homeless In Nogales, Mexico

Yesterday our team of dedicated volunteers traveled to Nogales, Mexico to give out socks to the poor and homeless. During our time there we handed out over 400 pairs of socks. So with most people receiving one pair, that is 400 people with brand new socks. It is much different in Mexico than the states […]

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