PAZ Cantina and socks for the homeless

Teaming Up With PAZ Cantina Tomorrow To Give Out Socks & Food To The Homeless

On Friday morning we will be meeting up with Michael Reyes of Paz Cantina to hand out hundreds of pairs of socks to the homeless at the shelter on 12th Avenue and Madison. While handing out socks, Michael will also be generously giving out delicious food from his restaurant. Michael is currently offering a free taco to anyone that donates socks. So bring a packaged pair of new socks down to his restaurant and help out! PAZ is located at 417 E Roosevelt St Phoenix, Arizona. It will be a good day tomorrow!

Socks for the homeless in Phoenix, Arizona

Getting our inventory of socks ready to hand out to the homeless on Friday.

Handing out socks and food to the homeless

PAZ Cantina gives out socks and food to the homeless every Friday.

Michael Reyes of PAZ Cantina

Michael Reyes, owner of PAZ Cantina.

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