Homeless man and brand new socks

We Handed Out New Socks To Over 300 Homeless People In Phoenix Yesterday

It was a great day handing out socks to the homeless yesterday!

Our group of awesome volunteers went around handing out brand new socks to homeless people all around the Phoenix area and eventually ending up at the homeless shelter on 12th Avenue and Madison.

Even with the cloudy skies, as it had just rained the night before, people’s eyes would light up when we would hand them new socks. They would tell us stories about how they rarely get new socks, because very few people donate them. They told us it is so hard to do laundry when you are carrying all you possessions on foot and new socks make a huge difference.

Thank you to everyone that has supported our cause! We plan to meet up with Michael Reyes of PAZ Cantina again this Friday morning to hand out socks and burritos. It will be a fun time once again!

Getting our inventory ready

Getting our inventory of new socks ready to hand out to the homeless.

Homeless shelter for handing out socks

The homeless shelter on 12th Avenue and Madison where we ended up.

Homeless man and brand new socks

One of the homeless men agreed to let us take his picture with his new socks that we had just given him.

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