Donate socks to homeless in Phoenix, Arizona

The Blunt Club @The Yucca Tap Room In Tempe Is Collecting Shoes & Socks For The Homeless

The Blunt Club at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, Arizona will be collecting socks and shoes for the homeless tomorrow night! The shoes collected will be handed out by Danielle Nieto and friends and the new socks collected will be handed out by Sock It Forward. This is for a great cause, please show up and give what you can!

When: 9PM – 2AM
Where: Yucca Tap Room
29 West Southern Avenue, Tempe, Arizona 85282

Handing out socks to the homelessHanding out socks to the homeless

socks for homeless
Socks for the homeless

Sock For The Homeless

Buying socks for the homeless with donationsBuying socks for the homeless with your donations

A inspirational piece of writing we give out with each pair of socks
Bags of socks for the homelessSocks ready to be handed out

We also hand out water to homeless peopole tooWe also hand out water to homeless people too. This is 50 waters we placed outside a homeless shelter and put ice over them. This costs about 5 dollars and we do this on a regular basis with how easy and affordable it is.

Donate socks to the homeless and those who are less fortunate
Inside The Blunt Club at Yucca Tap Room in Tempe, Arizona
Tomorrow night at The Blunt Club @Yucca Tap Room at 9pm! Bring shoes and new socks to donate!

Sock It Forward is holding their second fundraiser trying to raise $1,000 for socks for the homeless, click here to learn more.

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