4 Tips To Protect Your Vehicle From Unexpected Damages

It goes without saying that dealing with unexpected car damages can be stressful. For most people, their cars are a necessity and they cannot do without them, even for a day.

The last thing a car owner wants is getting stuck on the side of the road due to unexpected car damage. Car towing expenses and then figuring out how to get back home just makes things that much more frustrating. Even knowing that the damage is repairable, the high expenses of repair can be aggravating.

Of course, part of owning a car is dealing with unexpected damages. That said, there are some ways to reduce the odds of your car breaking.

Here are 6 tips to deal with unexpected damages to your car:

1. Parking Away From Other Vehicles

The majority of scratches and dents on cars occur in parking lots. We all know that parking away from other vehicles can prevent such damages, however we are typically in a hurry so we tend to park in the first spot we come across.

A lot of people open their car doors recklessly, hitting the vehicle parked next to theirs. The best way to prevent dents in the parking lot, is to park away from others, towards the back or side of the lot. You might have to walk further, but you can prevent a lot of damage expenses this way.

Another tip is to park parallel as a way to avoid  others parking next to your car. Many drivers find parallel parking tricky and intimidating. But with a little practice, you can overcome the difficulty and reap its benefits!

2. Regular Car Maintenance

Regular maintenance is another great way to protect your car from unexpected damages. It saves you the cost of unforeseen repairs and prevents extensive damages. Regular maintenance from an experienced mechanic also increases the lifespan of your vehicle.

The most important aspect of car maintenance requires you to check the car fluids and make any required changes. You must change the oil every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers. Other fluids that need regularly scheduled checks are:

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  • Brake fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Engine coolant
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power Steering fluid

Not checking your car’s fluid can lead to a lot of problems down the road. If left ignored, the fluid can  become contaminated and ineffective, decreasing the lifespan of your vehicle over time. Your car’s owner manual can guide further on how often you need to replace the fluids. Remember to top off car’s fluids to schedule regular service appointments.

You can contact Bentley Hyundai to send your questions to. The Hyundai service department will ensure that it receives the TLC it deserves .

Apart from car fluids, tire maintenance is another aspect that needs your attention. Your car’s owner manual has instructions regarding proper tire maintenance. Check out the manual to learn when and how to check the condition and pressure of your tires.

3. Protection against Extreme Weather

Extreme weather can cause unexpected damage to the exterior of your car. Be it summers or winters, avoid leaving your car outside, where it is exposed to the elements. Unexpected hailstorms can ruin your vehicle, while driving during a windstorm can kick up dirt and other debris that can scratch the exterior.

New cars that rely on advanced technology are at most risk from rain and moisture. Make sure that your windows and sunroof are closed during the rainy seasons and park your car in a dry shaded place.

Snow can also put a lot of stress on the motor and windshield wipers, preventing them from working properly. Use an ice scraper to remove ice from the windshield, rather than using heating elements. You can also use a de-icer windshield washer fluid to get rid of frost and ice from the windshield.

Hailstorms are one of the most common natural causes of car dents. The worst thing part of  a hailstorm is their unexpected nature. Many insurance companies consider the damages caused by a hailstorm as “an act of God.” This is the reason such damage does not fall under your basic coverage. When it comes to car damage from a hailstorm, there is no way but to take precautions.

The most common damages by hail occur on the parts that come in direct contact with the hail. The roof, hood, trunk, and windshields are all likely to be damaged the most. Hail is generally small in size but it can be as large as a softball.

Parking in the garage  is the best solution to protect your car from hail. It also saves you the trouble of clearing ice and snow off the windshield. Whereas, in summers, it saves the interior by reducing the exposure to direct sunlight.

If you do not have a garage, you can use a shaded area where you can park your car. You can also use a high-quality vehicle cover to prevent as much damage from the weather as possible.

4. Protection against Vandalism

Parking in dark and less busy areas puts your vehicle at a higher risk of theft and vandalism. The suspect has a chance to break into your car without being seen by others. If happen to drive an expensive or higher end car, take extra care, you may be at a higher risk for break ins and vandalism.

First things first, park your car in a well-lit place, where there are a lot of people and there is passing traffic. Another thing you can do is use security film for your car windows. Security film comes in clear or opaque options and you can use it to add an extra layer of security.  These films cause minimum damage to your car if someone tries to smash in the windows.

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Bottom Line

Your car is a significant investment and like every car owner, you want it to look its best. Any unexpected damage, especially when it’s not your fault, can be agonizing. The best way to avoid unexpected occurrences is to get regular car maintenance.

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Brett Bentley Maxey is an Executive Manager for the Bentley Automotive Group. She is currently managing Bentley Hyundai, Hyundai new cars and used car dealers in Huntsville. She is the 5th generation of Bentley’s to manage the Auto Group and leads the company’s marketing and sales initiatives. When Brett’s not at work, she’s spending time with her husband, Nate, and 4 kids.

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