If you’re looking for places to get off the road near San Diego, look no further. There are a few great trails nearby where adventurers of every skill level can put in trail time, making it easy for locals to test out new builds as they customize a ride for all-terrain adventures. It also gives visitors a lot to do if they’re seeing sights in the area. Here are a few of the best places to hit when you’re tweaking and testing your new lift kit for jeep wrangler or breaking in fresh jeep tires for sale.

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Smuggler’s Cave

This off-roading trail is a fairly easy drive, which makes it perfect for testing out new performance upgrades or tweaks to your existing setup. Visitors who are new to the area will also be treated to a number of caves they can stop and explore on the trip, adding even more opportunities for adventure to a journey filled with stunning views and a rich, varied ride. It’s a great option for families and larger groups, and it won’t wear you down if you want to hit something a little hairier later the same day.

Proctor Valley Road

This five mile stretch of trail is best seen in early spring, when you will be treated to a wave of wildflowers in bloom as you blow by. It’s still worth catching if you happen to be around later in the season, because its views of Mount Miguel and the surrounding countryside are always stunning. Plan to hit this trail between sights in the Jamul area or pair it up with another short adventure to fill your day, either way you’ll be sure to enjoy the ride.

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Palomar Divide Road

This trail is one of the longest continuous unpaved trails in the United States, so for those looking to make an entire day of one off-road trip, this is your chance. Palomar Divide Road winds through the Cleveland National Forest, providing you with a chance to see the wildlife and even to stop and explore at nearby historic markers and sightseeing stops as you go. Scenic views include the Dodge Valley and Lake Henshaw, as well as many other stops that will give you plenty of chances to take in the fresh air and snap pictures. This will give your new truck rims a workout after an upgrade, and it’s a great way to see how your ride holds up on a longer trip.

Anderson Truck Trail

Widely regarded as one of the best trails in the San Diego area, if not the best, this varied, winding path gives locals and visitors alike a lot of opportunity for exploration. The hilly ride gives you a lot of variety and choice, with literally dozens of splitting side-paths you can wander down. This gives you a chance to customize the length of your off-road adventure. As frequent visitors learn the terrain, it’s also easy to set yourself up with a plan that gives you the ride you’re looking for on that day.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Before you hit the trail, make sure you check out more details about your destination. That way, you’ll know if you need to change out to tires meant for another terrain, adjust your lift and leveling kit’s parameters, add a roof tent for jeep wrangler, or any other tweaks that will help you navigate.

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