If you’ve ever moved into a new home, you know that you aren’t looking forward to the next time you do it. It can be challenging and stressful to pack your whole life into boxes and leave your home without a stick of furniture left behind. If you want to keep your sanity, and finances intact, use these tips for moving with a budget truck rental so that you can work within a comfortable budget.

Budget Moving Truck

Did you know that truck rental companies alter their prices according to the time of year? It’s true – there are peak times when prices go up, and off-peak times when they go down. If you want to rent a truck on a budget, it’s best to plan your move around a time when you’ll get a good deal. In general, prices are lowest in the middle of the month, whereas you’ll find yourself paying more in the beginning or end of the month.

When you book your moving truck in advance, remember to get a quote for the day that you’re moving, not a ballpark figure around the period of a week. You might get a better discount on moving during the week without knowing it.

  • Ask As Many Questions As Possible 

When you book your rental truck, be sure to ask a few questions so that you’re aware of how much money you need available for the move. The truck you hire should be the correctly-sized vehicle depending on what you have to load. As you can imagine, the bigger the truck, the higher the rental fee – so make sure that you hire a truck big enough that fits your needs and your budget.  If you don’t, you’ll spend more money than you’d like on rental fees, insurance and fuel.

Other questions you should ask your truck rental company should include the following:

  • What are the mileage costs?
  • Are moving accessories such as doilies, packing materials and padding included?
  • Is fuel included in the price?
  • Are there upgrades available?
  • Are there last-minute booking fees, cancellation charges, or terms for the return of the vehicle?

If you ask the right questions, you’ll get a clear idea of how much money you’ll need to have available to rent a budget moving truck. You’ll know what your requirements are, so look for a company that tries to fulfil all of them.

  • Inspect The Truck’s Interior And Exterior

Before you take the rental truck on moving day, make sure that you inspect it thoroughly, on the inside and outside of the vehicle. Although the rental agency does this too, you want to ensure that there’s no damage sustained after you return it. Things like minor scratches, malfunctioning lights or deflated tyres can cost you big time if the rental company charges you for them – whether they were there before you rent the truck or not. Take note of any damage you come across before you drive the truck away, or you could be charged for them.

  • Pack The Truck Correctly

When you hire a rental truck, you want to make sure that you take as few back-and-forth trips as possible. If you’re working with a limited budget, you want to ensure that the petrol you’ve invested is used sparingly – especially if you’re charged for a full tank of fuel when you return the truck. That’s why it’s so important to pack the truck correctly.

Make sure that you utilise the space well enough so that you don’t need to make unnecessary trips with your belongings. Pack the largest things first – bulky furniture like beds, dressers and couches, and large appliances like chest freezers, washing machines and fridges. Where there are gaps between these items, fill them with boxes that don’t have fragile contents, as well as bedding, duvets, cushions and clothing. If you pack the truck properly, you’ll move more on each trip; therefore, cutting down your travel time and fuel costs. If the rental company charges by the hour, you’ll make a significant saving.

If you’ve never used a budget truck rental before, use these tips to make sure that you stay within budget. Moving to a new home can be an expensive business, but if you’re careful, you could save some money. Book ahead of time in an off-peak time of the month, check for damages before you take the truck, and make sure that you understand precisely what you’re paying for before you sign a contract. For budget-friendly rental trucks, contact Auckland Vehicle Rentals today.

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