A Dirt Bike

Riding a dirt bike is always full of fun, especially for adventure lovers and the people who love to ride off-road.  But with some fun going on your dirt bike tyres can get into bad condition.

It might not be necessary for you to know about changing a dirt bike tire or repairing the flat tube, but you never know when the problem knocks your door. It’s better to get prepared rather than wait for the consequences. It will, with no doubt, save you a lot of time and money.

Most of the guys struggle when it comes to changing a dirt bike tire. Don’t worry; you won’t need a professional mechanics skill to repair your bike tire, as the best tyre suppliers in Australia, we are hear to help you with changing the dirt bike tyre at home.

Follow each step carefully, so that you won’t mess up.

Step 1: Remove the wheel from the bike

First, you need to knock the axle loose and pull the nut off the axle.

(Note: Don’t hit the thread, you might damage it)

Step 2: Remove the valve core out of the tire

Now you need to let the air out of the tire. Remove the valve cap and valve. You can remove the valve nut and loosen the rim lock.

Step 3: Break the bead

Now to break the bead, press down 180 degrees from the rim lock. Once we put your enough body weight, you can start using tire lever, try to keep it away from the rim (towards the tire). Just don’t get rough with the tire lever, make sure you are not too deep else you might damage the tire tube

After one side comes off the rim, flip the tire and repeat the same process on the next side of the tire.

Step 4: Remove the Tire

Once the whole tire comes out off, keep your rim to one side.

Step 5: Change the tire and tube

Only if your tube or tire is damaged, you will need to change it else go with the old one.

If you are changing a new tire, you can add some powder inside the tire; it will help while fitting the tube back into the bike’s tire.

Now, put the new tube into the tire. Take your valve stem and put it through the hole in the rim and place lock nut on loosely (not the bead lock.) To make the work easy, add a  bit of air to the tube.

Step 6: Fitting the tire

Repeat the same method of breaking the bead, but try putting the tire back on. Be extremely careful to not pinch the tube between the tire spoon and the rim.

Once your tire gets on the rim, add more air. Now put the nut back on the bead lock.

Before tightening the bead lock, make sure tire pressure and everything looks good.

Now your tire is ready for the action.


It’s not that complex to change your dirt bike tire, but you need to be careful while using your tools else You might damage tyre and tube

About the Author

Christian Taylor is a tyre specialist at Oceanic Direct – a leading supplier of multibrand tyres and accessories in Australia. He loves to share insider knowledge with people on his Australian tyre industry blog and can be reached at oceanicwayne@outlook.com

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