How to Choose the Right Car for You

Buying a car is easy, but what’s the point when you have no idea where to start from? It can be really hard to begin your search and it can either be a wise decision or the biggest mistake you’ve ever done! But you can save yourself from all the trouble as all it requires is a bit of research and planning. As you all know, there is a lot of grand at stake, right? So, what you can do is to follow a few steps that can help you decide the kind of car, your transportation needs, and the financial situation.

Determine Your Needs

The right car will come to you straight away if you know what you actually want from it. So decide the type of car and what you need from it. For example, its usage, how many people you have in your family, or are you buying it only for yourself. A few factors that can help you make the decision as quickly as possible. Grab a pen and take down a list of all the features that you’re actually looking for in your future vehicle and then take the next step.

Set Your Budget

The more you invest, the fruitful it gets. A good budget will automatically lead to a good purchase. Decide what your budget is because it’s not just about buying the car. The aftermath is more important!

You’ve got to pay right? Always purchase a vehicle that you can solely afford, as the car comes with fuel and insurance costs that need to be incurred. There are many companies and banks that have solid plans for such purchases, but then, we need to decide a figure so we can take the whole purchasing journey forward.

CRV Honda Price for the LX (2WD) is around AED 92,900, while the price for Honda CR-V 2019 Touring is AED 126,000. Both versions have different features. Do your research beforehand so you don’t end up paying an additional amount for a car that you don’t need.

Lease or Buy

A very important step that shouldn’t be skipped! You need to know the pros and cons of leasing and buying and then decide to go further. Leasing is more like a loan. It will help you get the car right away but comes with short monthly payments whereas buying it on spot gives you all the flexibility and freedom to drive and modify your car as per your choice. The decision is yours!

Type of Car

Decide the type of car you want to own, as this is a very crucial step to make your way forward. There are so many car companies and new models with exceptional functionalities that can make your decision a bit complicated.

You have to compare the vehicles based on pricing, features, specifications, miles, etc and then decide accordingly. There are many tools online where you can find the perfect match for you!


Decide how much you are going to need to run the vehicle and then invest accordingly. What if you invest a lot in a vehicle and then after 6 months, end up looking for something else? The car needs maintenance, insurance, fuel cost and you have to determine all of this in a very smart way. A lot of research can help you do that, but for now, set your priorities as you’ll be investing thousands of dollars in the car.


When you’re finally done with all the research and documents in hand, it’s time to make a purchase. We recommend taking a test drive so that you know what you’re buying with the experience that you’ve got.

When everything seems to cultivate, you can talk about ownership with the dealer, all the financials, keep everything recorded on paper, and pick your vehicle on an appropriate date.

Now go and start doing all the research! We hope you accomplish finding the perfect car!

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Sunday, Jul 25, 2021