Looking for Used Auto Parts? Time for Junkyard Diving!

Are You Diving into A Dumpster!!!

First, it is legal. Secondly, you probably can’t discover anything fresh in a junkyard. What will you find? Yes, it might require you to wear some dirtier clothes and crawl around through piles of scrap and vehicles. But, there’s a reason everyone from gear-heads to penny-pinchers end up visiting their local junkyards. It’s magical the way you can find used auto parts, regardless of their model year. You could have a car that’s either 20+ years old or two years old and potentially find something. If the junkyard is big enough that is, and if you have a little bit of luck on your side…

Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll find anything that, all up to you, but that is the only downside of this exploration. Honestly, you have a pretty good shot of finding what you’re looking for. When you do, it’s usually dirt cheap compared to purchasing new from a manufacturer or parts store.

Two Types of Junkyards

There are two types of junkyards kicking around in the used auto parts; you can choose either by self or you have to pick a full-service set over.

With a self you have to pick, you’ll end up bringing your own tools and personally raiding the junkyard. Wrestling the parts you need from the cold, dead, figurative hands of a now-dead vehicle. Some specialize brands in anything that comes on the market, but some only take in domestic brands, while others target Japanese, German, high-performance, vintage, etc. So, you’ll most likely want to call ahead and tell them the model you need parts for.

A full-service junkyard will end up pulling any parts or items you request when visiting (or after calling in an order), and then deliver them to the front desk, where you’ll be waiting. You’ll collect the part there, and the junkyard owner will expect payment for the part and a “convenience fee” for grabbing the item on your behalf. The first preference would be the DIY junkyard near me, but if you have some mechanical knowledge and can get by with a wrench just fine. Therefore, it would be fun for me to go play around in a junkyard. If you aren’t comfortable with a wrench or just don’t like getting your hands dirty, and then the full-service option is for you. Keep in mind that will come with added costs. Furthermore, you’ll learn what type of vehicles the junkyard sells or buy.

Whatever one you choose, make sure it’s a big one. The more vehicles there are, the increased odds you have of finding the car part or accessory you need.

This almost sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s not. It’s just a junkyard.

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Sunday, Jul 25, 2021