Lpg Conversions Myths

Fuel efficiency is a major factor that every car owner is concerned about and LPG conversions are one way to peg down refuelling costs even if it is a small saving every time the refuelling is done. When those small trickles add up to a neat pile we realize that the investment made in LPG conversions really pays back.  But many myths and controversies surrounding this beneficial option for car owners. Many of these myths and controversies are however not true and therefore it is essential to get a closer view and dissect these controversies and myths. It is essential however that the installation is undertaken by an expert car services agency.

Let us first consider the facts before you make a final decision on LPG conversions, it is essential that you are aware of the facts.

Lpg Gas Brings Your Running Costs Down

LPG is essentially more economical compared to diesel or petrol. Your operating costs can scale down significantly (by about 50%) as compared to other refuelling types. In turn, your investment in the conversion system pays back in a short space of time.

Lpg Is Environment-Friendly

A car that runs on LPG produces much lower pollution making it more environment-friendly.

Lpg Is Safe

According to experts, LPG minimises the risk of engine explosion as compared to vehicles running on diesel or petrol. Further, you should also know that every component in an LPG conversion kit and its installation are subject to rigorous testing and all safety measures must be met.

Lpg Installation Occupies Only A Little Space

LPG installation does not take up huge space in the boot of your car. Most modern-day cars come with toroidal cylinders that are attached to your spare wheel. This way, the luggage space remains nearly unhindered.  In fact, this type of installation is hardly noticeable. However, adequate care and attention must be invested in the proper installation of the LPG conversion kit. This is not a DIY job and you must entrust the task of installing the kit to a reputed car services facility. Without professional help installing the conversion kit, you could be endangering your life and the life of other passenger travelling with you. Further, you may also potentially fail the rigid safety tests if you attempt installing the kit at home.

Let Us Now Turn To The Myths

There are several myths that surround LPG conversions and most of them are far from the truth. Following are some of the more common myths.

Gas Impacts Car Power

This is a basic myth with regard to LPG installation and is entirely wrong. Modern gas systems ensure that when the system achieves perfect to the engine, there is no power loss and in some instances, you may even experience better power than when the car is running on petrol/diesel.

Only Old Cars Are Suitable For Lpg Conversion

Modern gas systems are suitable for nearly every car irrespective of its age. The exception is a very small group and your car services agency can best determine the suitability.

Autogas Will Spoil Your Car

This is among the oldest myths and far from what is true. However, it is important that car owners choose an appropriate system and get it professionally installed. Similarly, refuelling with autogas should also be done under proper parameters.

Challenges With Regard To The Underground Parking

Most underground parking lots are well ventilated and do not pose a problem to park your car fitted with LPG. However, there are certain parking lots which are not adequately ventilated and you may experience a problem in such rare places.

Difficult To Find Autogas

Autogas can be conveniently filled in most Australian cities and towns. But, if you are on a long haul trip, the best way to avoid a tricky spot is to have adequate petrol/diesel to take you about 50 miles. Remember that all LPG conversion kits are fitted in a manner that allows the use of dual fuel. Therefore, you will naturally carry a small quantity of petrol or diesel in the fuel tank to tide over unforeseen circumstances.


Ever since LPG conversion kits were introduced for cars, the sceptics have been propagating negativity around the move. But, over a period of time, thousands of cars in Australia and elsewhere have taken advantage of the cheaper fuel. Some of these owners/drivers even report that the overall life of the car has also improved with the use of gas as the major fuel.

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Sunday, Jul 25, 2021