We all grew up with manual transmission cars until the automatic started being manufactured for more comfortable and convenient driving. But what is better when you’re getting a minibus rental Auckland? It’s mostly a personal preference from one person to the next, but exploring the differences with regard to price, control and ease of use can help you choose what’s best for you the next time you need a minibus rental.

Manual Cars Are Cheaper

If you’re of driving age, you most likely have driven a manual car at least once in your life. These days, manual vehicles are more affordable to buy in comparison to automatics, and it’s the same with minibus rentals. If you need to hire a minibus, your rental company will most likely have a few models that are manual because they were cheaper to buy. Because of this, manual transmission minibus rentals are also more affordable to rent per day or by the hour.

However, automatic minibus rentals are common, especially if you’re renting a newer model of a minibus. The rental rates will be higher, but it will have fewer kilometres on the clock. And even though minibus rentals are serviced regularly, many people trust a newer model with fewer kilometres on the clock because there’s a lower chance that they’ll break down mid-trip.

Manual Cars Provide More Control

Manual cars are more challenging to drive in comparison to automatics but are still very simple to learn from one vehicle or the next. In fact, after enough time it becomes muscle memory, and you won’t even need to think about it while you’re driving!

When you’re going on a long trip with a group, you will have at least two people in charge of driving. As mentioned, choosing a manual over an automatic car or vice versa is a personal preference. Manual drive cars provide more control over the vehicle, and if you’re driving a long distance, it’s good to keep changing gears to remain alert. They also have more power, which provides peace of mind, especially on long trips.

Automatic minibus rentals can be seen as boring because there’s no need to change gears while driving on a stretch of road, which isn’t a good thing on long trips. Driving far distances requires you to be alert and awake for the safety of everyone on board. If you aren’t focused on the road, you could have an accident that could have been avoided.

Automatic vehicles are also known to be challenging to drive if you’re going through a mountainous area. They’re less effective on hills in comparison to manual cars, which means that you’ll struggle to get the minibus up steep inclines. Keep in mind that a minibus rental with ten or more passengers in it will be a lot of weight to manoeuvre, especially up hills and slopes. If you’re not used to driving and controlling a vehicle carrying that much weight, you’ll need the additional power from a manual to assist you.

Manual Cars Are Difficult To Drive In Cities 

When it comes to going around or through, a city, a manual vehicle is much more challenging to drive. With the constant stopping, slowing and turning, you need to change gears often. Cities are also known for a lot of traffic and congestion on even the quietest of roads, so shifting gears every few minutes would become irritating. When driving a manual, you don’t need to worry about changing gears. All you need to do is put it in drive and go.

Automatic Cars Are Better For Inexperienced Drivers 

When you need to get a minibus rental, you should ensure that the person with the most driving experience will be driving. However, if the driver hasn’t been driving for long, it could be easier to drive a manual. Minibus rentals are different from the average vehicle because they’re bigger, with a wider turning circle, and more weight to move. It’ll take some getting used to, but it’s not impossible. However, if your only driving experience is that of a manual-drive car, it’s best to stick with what you know. There’s no need to put others at risk by driving an unfamiliar vehicle with a gear shift system you’ve never used before.

Although it does seem that manual-drive vehicles are more popular amongst people who have been driving for many years, an automatic does have it’s positive aspects. It comes down to personal preference, but it’s important to consider these factors when getting a minibus rental in Auckland. Stick with what you know, and what you’re comfortable with, and it’ll be smooth sailing.

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Sunday, Jul 25, 2021