Heavy Duty diesel engine oil must be very much classic and high performing. Procurement of the same has to be very much perfect and idealized so that the high volume engine manufacturers can use them for their production purpose. Sinopec Tulux is perfectly made for such purpose.

Tulux from Sinopec is high-quality diesel engine oil that is prepared with excellent viscosity and indexed based oil. That is why it can give you a performance that can even cross the mark of 15W/40.

The highly viscous oil is multi-functional too. This is basically because it is made from additive technology. The oil can be used for factory use and especially for engine manufacturers when they are dealing with mass scale and wide range.Buy here pay here lots in Miami

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The oil, being highly viscous can also be used in the racing cars, as they will help in dragging and maintaining the tension while the car moves at high speed. Whatever be the need of yours, the oil that is available with Sinopec is really classic and is of high quality.

Available packs

The Sinopec 15W40 T500 classic diesel oil is not for general use and only meant for factory use, where heavy range application is serviced or procured. Hence the product is available in two large packs only. You can reach any nearby stores and avail the items or can place your requisition directly at our site, for delivery at your destination. The two packs that are available for your order are as follows –

  • Drum Size – This is the pack of 55 Gallon or 200 Litres. The product is available in a single drum and s deliverable at your work station, directly by us.
  • IBC TOTE – this is the extra large size of 275 gallon or 1000 liters and is also available for delivery.

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Classic Diesel oil is not something that you will often get from all the manufacturers. Although you get that from some of the manufacturers, they are neither of the quality to satisfy your company need and not even your car’s need. Hence, get to us and find the early support from our site. You can also reach the nearest dealer and avail the item, but you will still remain with the hazard of delivery. On the other hand, when you reach us at the site and make the order there, you will get free delivery at your establishment and at the same time will be entrusted with ultimate discounts.  Read more about SINOPEC 15W40 T500 CLASSIC DIESEL ENGINE OIL .

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