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The iBlue Immobilizer is a small box that is connected to your vehicle. Once installed, you can only start your car if your phone is with you. The iBlue Immobilizer device is compatible with all devices that use the iOS 8.0 (or newer) , Android OS 4.4 (or newer) operating system and features/operates Bluetooth® 4.0 wireless technology.

Pair the device with your phone in seconds and create a secure, 6 digit code which enables you to start your car. While you drive, the app stores route information and even remembers where you parked when you stop. The design of the iBlue immobilizer has been formulated so that the main security features reflect the performance of the elegant styling of iBlue.

Features and specifications of the iblue immobilizer

This product is a Car anti-thief device that into the car the only way you can turn your car on is by giving authorization with your Smart Phone prevents cars from been stolen, once is installed though an app.

  • Invisible protection Unlike a normal immobilizer, it has no visible or hidden switches nor
  • Hands-free mode iOS-based devices make it possible to enable the vehicle to start without taking your phone out of your
  • Unlimited use The free iBlue Immobilizer application can be operated with several vehicles using different
  • Secure Technology The iBlue Immobilizer uses a Bluetooth Smart connection which is extremely complicated to


Although Albuquerque, NM was the top 10 U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Area for motor vehicle theft by theft rates for the second consecutive year, five of the top 10 U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas for motor vehicle theft were in California in 2018. The other four were in Alaska, Colorado, Kansas and Missouri.

Car Thief Statistics


Our Product Benefits

  • You Will Not Need To Take Out Your Phone To Start The Vehicle Bluetooth Communication
  • 128-Bit Encryption For Security
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Ease of Installation
  • You Will Never Forget Where You Parked Suitable For Several Vehicles
  • Do Not Forget Where You’ve Been Manage
  • The Costs Of Your Vehicles Easily

This Product is a Money Making Machine


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