What Is Graphene?

The Scientific Explanation & Researches

Graphene is graphite that has been broken down to a single layer, one atom thick, making it almost 2 dimensional. It is a carbon-based nanoparticle; a substance that is made and used at a very small scale arranged in a honeycomb structure.

Simply, graphene is what makes up graphite.

But it is when you start to learn about the benefits and properties of Graphene where things get interesting. Let’s take a look.

What’s Goodness About It?

The Miracle Graphite

This extremely thin substance has been described as the ‘miracle material’ as it is the thinnest, lightest and yet the strongest material known to human.

It is more than 100 times stronger than the strongest metal. Graphene is also the best thermal and electrical conductor ever to be discovered.

It’s not over yet…

Graphene is also incredibly flexible; being able to stretch beyond 25% of its actual size. It is both heat and chemical resistant and watertight making it a revolutionary material.

So, now that we know what Graphene is and its amazing properties, let’s learn how it can benefit and protect your car.

How Graphene Coating Protects Cars?

Graphene can reduce extreme heat. Graphene Coating has a high water contact angle (125°), a measure of ‘wettability’ of a solid, reduces the likelihood of water spots appearing. This is because water-spotting occurs when moisture, like rainwater, rests and is left to dry on the hot surface. Its honeycomb structure prevents water from sticking to the surface and, instead, helps water run off easily.

As graphene has the best known electrical and thermal conductivity, it proves to be ‘anti-static.

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What Does This Mean for Your Car?

Anti-static properties will help to combat or repel micro-particles such as dust, preventing build-up that we all hate.

How About Its Diamond-Like Strength?

Despite being stretched to just a one-atom-thick state, graphene does not tear due to its outstanding tensile strength. This diamond-like strength enhances the strength of other materials, for instance, graphene has a high abrasion resistance that will protect the paintwork from fine marks, swirls and scratches. Its strength also makes it a barrier; since no chemical or material can penetrate its structure.

As a coating, it is very good for slowing down and getting rid of corrosion on metal surfaces. As water molecules cannot penetrate this coating, it provides the perfect anti-corrosion protection that we want for our vehicles.

To top it off, graphene enhances the beauty of our cars by leaving them with a glossy, wet finish that will last years.

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Sunday, Jul 25, 2021