Why you should own Tesla S

Tesla Model S is a Tesla model introduced in the market in 2012. It’s an all-electric five-door liftban sedan. It also received a significant refresh in June 2021. The model is positioned as Tesla’s flagship. In 2013 it became the top-selling electric car in Norway and Denmark, two years in a row.

The car is packed with technology and excellent performance, with zero emissions, and you charge it the way you would a Smartphone.

See below top reasons you should buy Tesla

It’s Electric

Tesla is a fully electric car that you get used to the first time you enter. It’s so quiet that if you’re used to the roar of an engine, you’ll probably want to think about it. It’s so quiet that you have to be careful around pedestrians, especially in shopping centers. You could be driving towards a pack of the “Generation z’s” that are busy on their phones.

Tesla is such a viable option when it comes to performance, design, and technology.

Friend, you’re not driving some other golf buggy but a state-of-the-art car that pushes other manufacturers to wake up. Imagine driving a car that doesn’t consume any fuel; with this, you could save up to $2,000- some good money.


Just like Apple did to the phone, Tesla has done to the car. What Tesla offers is not just technology but a fantastic experience. A central 17-inch display controls everything with only two buttons in the cabin – one for opening the glove box and the other for the hazard lights. The list of amazing things in this car continues to surprise and delight any lover of top-notch vehicles.

Then there’s the smart air suspension which can detect when you’re approaching home, a perfect part of technology offering. You can’t believe this; Tesla has an inbuilt SIM card where you can access data and stream content.

At $78,000, Tesla's Model 3 is no longer the masses' dream come true - The  Economic Times


When it comes to performance, Tesla has no peer. If you have been underestimating Tesla Model S, then you’ll be ashamed when you get inside, and you’ve to drive; you’ll most likely look silly. The 75D, which means you have an axle at the front and the back, offers instant torque, which translates to “out of this world” acceleration.

When you set your foot on the Tesla pedal, you’ll notice some incredible performance off the mark. The difference with the regular engine is that it has to go through the gears to reach a faster speed, but Tesla is powered instantly.

Low Cost of Ownership

Tesla Model S has 15 moving parts, and therefore no need to worry about filters, sparks, oil, or other things that can go wrong with combustion. All your car needs is checking your tires and brakes annually. To make it even better, the car comes with an eight-year warranty- one of the longest in the industry.

If that is not enough, there’s the Tesla Referral Code, which you can use to give a referral and earn bonuses.

Tesla doesn’t make money on its after-sales service, and therefore it offers most of its services for free. Imagine you’re not paying for fuel, and you’ve free maintenance services-incredible.

The list of the things you get with Tesla is innumerable. Call it performance, software updates, the autopilot, name it; the options will amaze you. With Tesla, it’s about the experience, not just driving.

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