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Do you own a Chevy or Buick, or any car manufactured by General Motors? If you do, chances are that you would have frequented a local auto parts store looking for an auto part—just like any other car brand owner—for a replacement or an upgrade.

So, you go to the store. The salesperson asks the name of the car that you own. When you say that you own a 2016 Chevrolet, the person might ask you if you want a genuine GM part or an aftermarket part. It is easy to get confused with the terminologies. The same goes for Internet research as well. If you are wondering how to go about buying genuine GM parts or whether you need GM accessories or aftermarket parts, you have come to the right place. Here we have compiled a list of 5 frequently asked questions on GM parts that can help you.

What are GM parts?

With millions of vehicles being sold worldwide, General Motors is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cars. Safety and the company’s commitment to standards are making more and more people prefer GM cars and trucks. They have several automobile brands including Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac, and more; they have been appealing to the masses for many years now.

GM parts are parts of automobiles produced by the vehicle manufacturer or by another company that meets the same specifications. When a GM vehicle is produced in the factory, it is fitted with genuine GM parts on the assembly line. There are also dealers who sell OEM GM parts. With genuine GM parts and accessories, you can be assured that the product will fit your vehicle. There will be only one part for a particular model, and you don’t need to worry about quality differences.

What is an OEM GM product?

While researching car parts, you might have come across articles or tips on installing OEM products. An OEM stands for an original equipment manufacturer. An OEM is a company that supplies vehicle parts for the original manufacturer. Let’s suppose you have a GM vehicle, and you are looking to upgrade the entertainment system or an accessory for your 2017 GMC Canyon. When you buy OEM products for the make and model of the vehicle, the products will be fully compatible with the vehicle and meet the same quality standards of the manufacturer.

What are the differences among genuine, OEM, and aftermarket auto parts?

The difference between OEM, genuine and aftermarket parts can be subtle.

Genuine parts – Firstly, when your car is manufactured on the assembly line it is fitted with various parts. These are genuine parts. They are available from the manufacturer.

Original equipment manufacturer part – OEM products are produced by the manufacturer or an external company that originally supplied parts for vehicle production. When you buy OEM GM parts, they match the exact specifications of the products produced by the vehicle manufacturer.

Aftermarket parts – On the other hand, aftermarket parts are parts produced and sold by any other vendors. Though they reverse engineer and try to be very close to the original specification, aftermarket parts lack the quality and consistency of genuine or OEM parts.

Can I buy OEM GM products?

Of course. If you have a GM vehicle, going for OEM GM parts can benefit in several ways. Since the manufacturers test every part they manufacture, you need not worry about the quality. They also come with a warranty, which makes them compelling to buy. OEM products will be compatible with the make and model of your car.

Where can I buy genuine GM parts?

There are a lot of GM parts dealers available in the market. However, you might be wondering how to choose the best one. While you think going to a local auto parts store and picking one right away might be convenient, when you buy genuine GM parts online most online dealers offer 24/7 customer service. Go for the dealer who has an extensive collection and is almost always never out of stock. Some dealers also provide shipping discounts and sell at wholesale prices.

Buying a GM vehicle is one of the bucket list items of many people. As a GM vehicle owner, when you decide to go for any modifications or upgrade you will be spending a lot of time and effort in researching the parts that will be used. After all, the parts used in your car should be genuine and be worth the money you spend. OEM parts are one of the things that can make a car last for many years. Hopefully, the article helped you with answers for some of the frequently asked questions on GM parts. You can now confidently walk in an auto parts stores or order the specific GM parts you want online.

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