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Are you aware of various car design software? If not, there are many car design software present in the market to efficiently access all the required tools in order to simplify the process of car designs and manufacturing.

Even Though, car design can be a daunting task, using top software like AutoCAD 3D Modelling Software could help the automotive industry to stay competitive. This blog is going to help you understand how Autocad 3D modelling software is used in the automotive industry for customizing car designs and models. While, if you’re interested to learn to customise cars, thanks to the available software and training, an Autocad 3D Course could be the best thing to learn some 3D skills.

What is AutoCAD 3D Modelling?

The process of using software to create a mathematical representation of a 3-dimensional object or shape is called 3D modelling. The created object is called a 3D model. These 3-dimensional models are used in a variety of industries such as automotive, film, video games,  television, construction, architecture, product development, science and medical industries to visualise, simulate and render graphic designs.

AutoCAD 3D modelling allows you to create drawings using solid, surface, and mesh objects.

How AutoCAD 3D Modelling Is Used In The Automotive Industry?

In the automotive industry, car modelling and car designing are the fastest changing sector. To stay competitive in the auto industry, the car design manufacturers are delivering innovative car designs using the most trending AutoCAD 3D modeling software. Indeed, the automotive industry is making the most of the 3D printing technology today. A fully integrated Autodesk digital design environment enables most of the car manufacturers to meet the challenging deadlines.

If you need to work on automotive designs, AutoCAD 3D is an interesting pick. This is a highly accurate tool used by professional designers. Virtual Reality support is also available.

How To Customize Cars With 3D Printing Technology?

The popularity of 3D modelling software becomes prevalent with the rise of 3D printing technology. 3D printing technologies construct an object layer by layer to create complex shapes. With the 3D printing technology, the 3D printed car is becoming a reality. This innovative manufacturing process has many advantages, for example,

  • It is a good way to reduce the car’s weight or to make several iterations for prototypes.
  • It is also great to create customized cars!

There are always new 3D printing materials and impressive 3D printers appearing on the market, allowing the automotive industry to print more ambitious projects and more mechanical parts for these kinds of projects.

If you are planning to 3D print parts for a car, you will have to work with a 3D modeling software first in order to create a 3D file. Once you have your 3D printed part, you just have to upload it to a 3D printing service.

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Benefits of CAD software for the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, the benefits of using a CAD software are many.

1. Eases Up The Work Process

Automotive engineers and designers use CAD systems to draw their designs quickly, simulate actual performance and to work with other experts.

2. Collaboration Made Quicker

CAD allows designers to share information with the engineering and manufacturing teams for feedback and feasibility studies. It allows designers to even create visual prototypes for marketing purposes and consumer research.

3. Streamlines The Development Process

Auto manufacturers can reduce the time by streamlining the development process   from drawing board to assembly line to roll out new models faster than ever before.

4. Eliminates Design Faults

Automotive CAD systems can help identify and eliminate design faults. Computer simulations put 3D models through a variety of real life situations including high speeds, harsh weather, violent impact caused by accidents, even wear-and-tear — to determine if a design is street-worthy.

5. Enables To Build Safe Cars

Using software tools to design and test seat belts, air bags, energy transfer and absorption, improved visibility, and vehicle control and handling  including anti-lock brakes, designers can make use of CAD to help make cars safer.

There’s always little chance that CAD will ever take away the job of the automotive designer given that it makes the work of designers much easier . Despite being sophisticated and invaluable in today’s automotive industry, CAD is really just a software tool that brings innovative designs to life. It requires human intelligence, an understanding of the automotive marketplace, the drive to create — and, most importantly, a love for designing cars — to use the technology effectively.

Automotive software could help you with many different aspects of your work, even if you’re not planning to use additive manufacturing. 3D modeling software is really useful to work on concept designs and mechanical designs. Most AutoCAD commands that are used for 2D operations can be applied to 3D models too.

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