How To Start A Covid-19 Safe Ride Hailing Business In Japan?

If you live in Germany then you know the demand for cab service. Most people rely on cab service to reach different places regularly and even people choose to ride a cab to reach their offices. We already know that stepping out was risky even a few days back and it is still risky but people are stepping out slowly nowadays. Joining offices has also become important and the good thing is that everything is getting normal with each passing day but safety should be there because the virus is not gone yet. If you are someone who swears by cabs then you need to try Uber clone as makes sure to make every ride safe for the passengers. Here you would also get amazing features which would make booking cab very easy for you and you would also be able to reach your destination at an affordable price which is great. If you are still not sure about using Uber clone post COVID-19 pandemic in Germany then need to know about the steps that Uber clone has taken to make every ride safe for the passenger:

Proper Sanitization Of The Cab After Every Ride:

The best initiative that is taken by the Uber clone is that they make sure that the driver sanitizes the seat after each ride. This makes riding the cab safe for everyone so you can ride in without thinking of getting contaminated by the virus which is a great thing.

Digital Payment Facility For Zero Contact:

If you don’t want to have any contact with the driver because even exchanging things can be dangerous then you can go for digital payment. Here you would be able to get many online payment options that you can use to make the payment to the cab service. This would eliminate the hassle of exchanging currency.

Not Accepting Passenger Before Sanitizing Them:

Here you would see that each and every passenger gets their hands sanitized before getting into the cab. This is a very good initiative and everyone follows in Germany and even the driver sanitizes the hand very frequently which is great. You would always see a bottle of sanitizer in the cab so that people can use it before getting in.

Wearing A Mask Is Compulsory For Both Passenger As Well As The Driver:

The authorities of this cab service provider made it compulsory for both rider and the driver to use a mask. You would see that the driver would always wear a mask and there would be gloves on the driver’s hand as well. Passengers are also asked to wear a mask at least for the safety purposes.

Temperature Check Before Getting Into The Cab:

The best thing about this cab service is that it makes sure to check the temperature of the passenger. If the temperature of any passenger would be above normal then they immediately take safety actions which are great. You can be sure about the fact that no affected person sat on the seat so you can take up your ride in a free mind. Here you would also get to know about the temperature of the driver before you would head into the cab. The app would let you know about the details of your driver and the temperature check of the driver is done very frequently so that no one has to suffer from the COVID-19.

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Thursday, May 6, 2021