Jeep Engine Performance Upgrades – Best Bang For The Buck

If you’re serious about your Jeep then you know the thrill of tweaking its various components to try and make it look and perform its best. If you’re trying to upgrade your Jeep’s engine to maximize performance, then you may be confused on where to start. Maybe you’re on a budget and want something effective but that won’t empty your wallet. We have just the answer for you right here, so don’t go anywhere.  Or if you thinking about to buy used jeep or car in USA, buy here pay here help you to find out used jeep or cars.

Computer Chip Upgrade

Performance chips (also referred to as “tuners” or “flashers”) let you adjust certain features of your vehicle that you aren’t able to without one. Let’s take a look at a few of the biggest benefits you’ll receive:

  • Speedometer Calibration – Many Jeep owners love the appearance of oversized wheels, and we understand why! Not only that, but bigger wheels tend to improve handling and high-speed operation. However, you’ll need to properly calibrate your speedometer if you do so. A tuning chip can help you do exactly that, providing an accurate reading of your speed.
  • Raise Idle RPM – Are you operating an electric winch on your Jeep? If so, you can boost the idle RPM, which will supply additional current for it to pull from. This can help you avoid your vehicle from losing its charge.
  • Comprehensive Data – Generally speaking, you’ll be able to look into all kinds of information you aren’t able to see without a chip.
  • Improved Performance – Overall, you should expect boosted performance from your new chip as you’ll now be able to adjust your Jeep’s engine exactly to your liking and your lifestyle.

Exhaust Upgrade

The stock exhausts you receive are notoriously restrictive, though the good news is, is that you can always upgrade! One of the best reasons to change out your exhaust for an aftermarket model is due to the old system not working properly. If you have an older model of Jeep, then there’s a good chance the exhaust is pretty cheap and already rusting. Change it out for a sleek stainless steel one instead.

These can also improve your torque and amount of horsepower by using an open air intake along with a new exhaust. You can also extend the life of your engine as non-restrictive mufflers along with a quality exhaust can reduce strain and disperse heat more quickly.

If you’re someone who enjoys off-roading and regularly climbing up hills and mountainsides, then upgrading your exhaust system can help quite a bit with moving through difficult environments covered in slippery sand or sticky mud. Boosting low-end torque, it’s not only ideal for off-roading applications, but also driving through the city.

Cold Air Intake

Surprisingly, intake systems aren’t all that old of a practice as far as vehicle manufacturing goes. However, cold air intakes can offer a variety of cool advantages.

  • Acceleration Boost – It’s not a rule, but you can realistically plan on adding anywhere from 5 to 20 HP on your Jeep, while enhancing its engine’s responsiveness.
  • Improved filter performance – While stock filters do a find job at catching dust and debris, you will end up having to switch it out for a new one eventually. Cold air intakes come with supreme filters which have longer lifespans but also do a better job at catching said debris than the stock options.
  • Improved fuel efficiency – It’s not only fuel which moves our vehicle – it’s also air! With that being said, if your Jeep isn’t receiving enough it’s going to use up more gas as a way to make up for the lack of it.
  • New sound – While stock intakes are made to be as quiet as possible, not everyone wants or needs that. If you’re fine with or even prefer a nice growl coming from your engine, then you can select an intake which allows for that.

Nitrous Oxide

Speaking of added power, you’ll get all that with nitrous oxide. Injecting it into your Jeep’s engine offers more readily available oxygen during combustion. This means that you’ll also be able to inject more fuel, thus producing more power. For a serious horsepower upgrade, this is a relatively easy way to do so, at a price that’s not completely unrealistic for most buyers.


Now that you’re well-versed in all the best Jeep engine performance upgrades within your budget, which modification will you be making first? The great thing about these selections is that you aren’t limited to just one. In fact, you could add each and every one of them if you like! We hope that this guide has helped you out, and that you receive even better performance from your Jeep. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll see you again soon!

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