7 Common Garage Door Problems &what to do To Repair Them

A little garage door troubleshooting will go a long way to preserving the building and functionality of your door. Due to the number of cycles your garage door lasts by everyday usage, garage door repairs and annual maintenance are normal. If you are looking for emergency garage door repair in Dallas, we are here to help you just one call away.

While there might be repairs and maintenance that you can’t do on your own, there are common problems that you can fix yourself. The earlier you find and correct the problem, the less harm and expense you will have later.

Garage Door opener won’t work:

  • This has to be everyone’s number one problem, and it’s something that can be solved quickly. Chain-or drive-screw-operated garage door openers that are unlikely to work need some lubricant to minimize friction. Use a generous amount of silicone-based lubricant or garage door spray lubricant to the entire length of the garage opening and ensure that the excess is washed out.
  • When the track is not aligning properly, it can be a serious matter if your garage door track is out of sync. The metal track on which your door is running needs to be properly positioned to allow your door to move. If you see the gaps between the rollers and the rails, or the bends in the rails themselves, you have a problem. The door’s heavyweight can exacerbate these issues and make them worse until it becomes dangerous to operate your door.
  • Annoying grinding noise: Loose hardware, shabby bits, or squeaky sections—all these annoyances are typical problems with simple solutions. Generally speaking, a noise coming from your garage door means that it needs lubrication. If you hear any odd noise, try applying lubricating directly to the squeaky portion.
  • Cracked or broken sealant: Weather sealant prevents water out, seals air leakage, and eliminates street noise. If your sealant is broken or you find cracks and seams, you may need to repair it. Remove the old weather seal and add a new one. Season sealants are available in your nearest home improvement shop.

7 Common Garage Door Problems &what to do To Repair Them

  • Garage door remote broken: Nothing is more popular than this typical mechanical problem. The first thing needed is to check if it’s connected to the battery. Are your batteries correctly inserted or need to be replaced? If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can need to return to the manual to see how to reprogram the remote system.
  • Garage door doesn’t seal from the bottom: The best option is to use pipe insulation and secure it to the section of the door that is not properly sealed. You can buy pipe insulation from your nearest hardware store.
  • Garage door opens a bit, then immediately closes: If this occurs, the springs located at the top of the door may have to be replaced. If you have replaced the garage door springs in the last three years, you will just need to repair the damaged ones.

In case of missing or defective parts or other problems, it pays to keep a few tips and tricks on your sleeve. If the issue continues, contact us for you to get services like Emergency Garage Door Repair Dallas, Electric Gate Repair at an affordable price.

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