Arroyo Tires

Arroyo tires can be categorized as one of the fastest car tires in the market. The innovations and cutting edge technology of the tire company tend to keep evolving over the years. The quality and safety is undoubted, giving customers the best driving experience on the road.

With their wide array of tire variants, every single brand contributes it’s own unique attribute in strong and quiet performance, wet braking, good grip, excellent handling, and durability.

Arroyo tires are also known for their affordability, environmental impact and operational efficiency which ultimately makes it one of the best car tyre brands in UAE. The long list of all-season features makes it the perfect fit for any of your vehicle brand.

Below is a comprehensive list of Arroyo tires to choose from today;

Eco Pro A/S

This is an all season passenger car tire with a 4 wide longitudinal but enclosed groove fittings. They vary distinctively in shape designs and a central rib. The width of the pitch is fully optimized with at least 50,000 mile treadwear warranty.

They are also achieve excellence in wet braking as well as stability in turns and maneuvers. The technology enables noise reduction resonance with effective drainage.

Grand Sport A/S

This varieties aslso comes with 4 wide longitudinal grooves with 15-17 inches and a 18-24 inches rim distance and an optimized pitch width and sequence. The alos possess anti-eccentric belts located in the outer shoulder with closed, slanted grooves. 40,000 – 50,000 miles treadwear warranty.

Grand Sport A/S series comes with an excellent wet braking and handling system. They are able to achieve noise reduction in both cornering and swaying. There is also room for a much improved surface contact to avoid tearing and wearing.

Eco Pro H-T

The Eco Pro H/T brand possesses a set of rigid shoulder blocks and also guarantees a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty and are also made for SUV and CVV vehicles only. It comes with a 3 dimensional center rib with sharp edges and lateral grooves. It comes with 5 optimized random pitch sequences. Optimized depth of main grooves and shoulder grooves with standard pitch width for rigidity.

Ultra Sport A/S

Arroyo ultra brands possesses a slica composite concept with dimensional sipe fittings in order to ensure a much advanced design outlook. There is optimization of pitch and width sequence and at least 40,000 miles treadwear warranty. They also come in double longitudinal main grooves and continuous blocks.

The Ultra Sport A/S enables high speed control and stability while actualizing a good surface contact. It minimizes noise resonance with reliable braking performance in both wet and dry surface conditions. These brands are also powerful enough for heavier load bearing.

Other Arroyo tire brands which can be found in Dubai Tire Shop includes; Tamarock A-and Tamarock M/T.


For any other enquiries and information you need to get these affordable tire brands for your vehicle today, do not hesitate to visit tyre website Arroyo tires online or contact any of the help lines today.

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