When beginning a restoration of any classic car, the very first thing you need to decide, after choosing the actual car for your restoration, is to what level you want to restore your classic car. Restoring a classic to its former glory is all about what you, the owner, wants and that can be anything from a daily driver, to a full show car restoration worthy of any concours event. In fact, there are four levels of classic car restoration that you should keep in mind when planning out your project. Let’s take a closer look at them now:

The Four Levels Of Classic Car Restoration

Daily Driver- this level includes the classic car that is driven daily and that might need some parts here and there to be complete. They may, or may not, have all original parts and some portion of the car might be modified to make it easier to drive or more reliable.

Street Show Condition- with a street/show condition car, you will see it driven often, perhaps even only on the weekends, yet it will be in good enough condition to compete in local car shows. It will usually fall within 80-89 points on the 100-points universal system used in rating the condition of a classic car, when judged by a restoration professional.

Show Car- this level is reserved for cars that are typically not driven and that rate much higher on the universal car restoration rating system, between 90-95 points. This is typically a professionally restored car which uses all original parts and it factory specific.

Concours Condition- a concours condition car is factory original and considered the highest, most professional level of restoration possible. Cars at this level are usually reserved for car shows, concours events or private collections. They are almost never driven and typically trailered to events where they are carefully rolled off of the trailer and onto the show floor.

Whatever level of restoration you choose, as long as your classic car is maintained properly and you like it, that’s all that matters. Remember, restoring a classic car is an adventure and it should be enjoyed every step of the way.

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