Most people wouldn’t need to own a car trailer unless it was being used a few times every month. For that reason, when you do need a car trailer, the most obvious solution is to hire one from a local rental agent in Auckland. However, is this the only time and place you could benefit from renting one? There are many more situations where you could find that a trailer hire comes in handy. Here are five reasons to hire a car trailer that you haven’t thought of yet.

  1.   Move Furniture

Moving to a new home is one of the most stressful life changes you could make. Most people have moved, and understand the challenge of packing their belongings to be safely transported to a new house. Hiring a trailer would be very helpful to move furniture and other belongings. Instead of adding excess weight to your vehicle by loading it with boxes and chairs, car trailer hire Auckland; you’ll find it easier to pack, and you’ll be able to pack more in each load. This means fewer trips and a shorter, more convenient moving process.

  1.   Removing Garden Refuse And Clutter

During Autumn, trees shed their leaves, and homeowners trim hedges and bushes in their backyards to enjoy more sunshine. Until winter arrives in full, you’ll spend many hours sweeping and raking. What do you do with this refuse, and how do you dispose of it? The best way is to hire a car trailer and remove it all at once, instead of having to take multiple trips and dirty your car with dusty, sandy bags that could harbour moisture, insects and much more.

  1.   Travel

Are you thinking of taking a trip? You could want to go on a road trip with friends or take the family camping. Any vacation that requires long hours of travel over extended distances means that you’ll have many supplies to carry – and the more people there are, the more stuff there will be. Unless you’re planning on visiting a resort that covers all your sleeping, eating and leisure arrangements, you’ll need tents, camping chairs, food, inflatable mattresses and more. That’s a lot to try to squeeze into the trunk of your car. In this instance, a car trailer is a perfect solution. You can fit more in one so it will provide extra space for a comfortable drive in your car, also having less strain on the vehicle itself.

  1.   Tow Your Toys

Some hobbies require you to use large, cumbersome machinery or pieces of equipment occasionally. If you enjoy biking, jet skiing, boating, or fishing and sometimes rent or borrow items relating to these pastimes, you’ll need to carry these items to the beach, lake, or bike trails. If you don’t go on these trips often, it won’t make sense to own a car trailer, which is why it would be the better option for you to rent one.

  1.   Clear Out The Excess

How much junk do you have in your garage, shed or closets? Most people own too many things that they don’t use, and these things end up stored around the house so that they don’t get in the way. When you need to clear out some things that you no longer need, a car trailer will work wonders for transportation. You can carry more to dumping areas, skip bins and charity shops when you’re clearing out your unwanted stuff.

If you’re preparing for a trip or doing work around your backyard in preparation for winter, a car trailer hire in Auckland will be the solution you’re looking for. They’re affordable, and the rental process is straightforward. You’ll be able to pack and carry more, which would make each task quicker and less demanding. Call Auckland Vehicle rentals for more information today.

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Sunday, Jun 20, 2021