Four Considerations You Should Make When Organising A Hire Van

Without a doubt, van hire for travelling across New Zealand is the best way to explore our beautiful country while on vacation. With friends and family aboard and driving through our cities and scenery, it’s a holiday you’ll never forget. But before you start making memories, you first need to consider the following four factors when hiring a van.

Know Your Budget 

You can know precisely what you’re looking for, but that might not align with how much you can afford to spend. And while the cost can be split between everyone going on the trip with you, you still want to ensure that the expense is affordable. That’s why you need to set a budget before you start dreaming about the size of the engine on long country roads.

Van hire rates are determined by the time of year you want to use them. There are peak seasons when they’re more expensive, and low seasons, when they become cheaper. Spend enough time looking around at different van hire agencies. You can also request multiple quotations for different periods, to assess savings you’ll make depending on the travel date. Stay in contact with each person who’s joining you on the trip. If they’re expected to pay their share, they should have a say in when you travel, and which vehicle you hire.

What Is The Level Of Comfort Do You Expect?

Because you and your group will be in a vehicle for hours at a time, comfort is essential. You want everyone to enjoy the journey, as well as the destination. However, there are some comfort levels which might be too extensive, especially if you’re working with a budget. For example, camper vans and charter buses come equipped with toilet and plumbing facilities, which can be more convenient, but these vehicles are big. Others might like the WI-Fi, overhead air conditioning and DVD facilities in charter buses as well, but these come at a premium expense.

And while regular 12- to 15-seater vans don’t come equipped with these amenities, it doesn’t mean you won’t be at ease. Many vans have enough space for passengers to sit comfortably without being cramped together. This is essential if you’re travelling with a larger family. They need to be able to move around in their seat, get in and out easily, and stand without hunching over.

What Size Vehicle Are You Comfortable Driving?

Although many people say that if you’ve driven one vehicle, you can drive them all, this is easier said than done. When you’re thinking about your driving capabilities, you need to consider a few things first.

Van hires are much larger and heavier than your average sedan or city car, and they carry more weight – in passengers and bulk – and a wider turning circle. To accommodate the extra weight, the motor will be much more powerful than a typical vehicle. If you’re not able to handle that kind of engine for long stretches, you might need to reconsider the model you want to hire.

Another consideration to make is who else will be driving with you. Driving for many hours is taxing, and you’ll need a break every two to three hours. There should be a second driver available to take the wheel when you’re resting, so they need to be comfortable with driving a bigger vehicle as well. Therefore, choose your van hire model and additional driver wisely.

How Far In Advance Should I Book The Van?

The short answer to this is: as far in advance as possible. When travelling across New Zealand, it’s important to remember that the highest tourist season is between December and March. If you’re planning your trip at that time, you need to book ahead so that you aren’t forced to hire a vehicle that is less than perfect for what you need. Because many people will be taking road trips in vans around that time, you need to get in first to book the van you want. If not, you might be forced to choose between something too big or small, or too expensive.

Enjoying a road trip is effortless, but to have a good time without any worries, you need to organise your van hire in a way that doesn’t allow for them. By booking ahead, setting a strict budget that everyone can afford, and being aware of what your driving capabilities are, you’re in for a great trip!

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Sunday, Jul 25, 2021