How CPO Programs Simplify Buying a Used Car

On many essential points, new cars are all the same. They are all in tip-top factory condition with zero miles and no dents, scratches, or dings. Their carpets are clean, their engines are pristine, and they’ve never been in an accident. But give it a few years, and everything is different, and these differences are what make buying a pre-owned car so challenging. Not only do buyers need to weigh the pros and cons of various makes and models, but they also need to consider each car’s condition and history.

To simplify this process for buyers, many auto manufacturers offer certified pre-owned programs (CPO). All CPO vehicles meet the following basic essential criteria:employee computer monitoring software

  • They are late-model vehicles with low mileage. Six years and 75,000 miles are typical cutoffs, but each program may vary slightly.
  • All qualifying cars are subjected to a thorough inspection intended to restore the car to factory standards as far as is possible. This includes interior and exterior components as well as brakes, wheels, and everything under the hood.
  • The automakers back up each CPO vehicle with a factory-backed warranty.

The effect of a CPO program on purchasing a used vehicle is significant; buyers get a hybrid of the new versus used buying experience with fewer variables to consider. While no two CPO cars are identical, they all meet the same basic standards, making it easier to compare and buy confidence.


BMW has one of the most generous CPO programs available, and buying a pre-owned BMW for sale in Houston is a smart way to get a great deal on the Ultimate Driving Machine. When you purchase a CPO BMW, you can be sure of the following:

  • The car has more than 300 miles but less than 60,000 miles on the odometer.
  • The car has a clean driving and maintenance history and contains all genuine BMW parts.
  • The vehicle has passed a detailed 360° inspection and has been reconditioned by BMW technicians. Each car is inspected for safety, performance, and wear, and if it can’t be fixed to BMW’s exacting standards, it won’t be classified as a Certified Pre-Owned BMW.
  • The car has been road-tested by BMW experts using BMW diagnostic equipment.
  • BMW backs stand behind their CPO cars with a generous warranty that provides comprehensive coverage for one year/unlimited miles beyond the expiration of the original four year/50,000-mile BMW new vehicle warranty.

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Buying a Certified Pre-Owned BMW gets you behind the wheel of a fantastic car at an unbelievable price. Visit your dealer and drive a CPO BMW home today.

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